Agencies and Freelancers

Cut out repetitive design and code work to focus on your clients. Our platform has everything you need to build and host beautiful websites and landing pages.

Flexible Pricing

Complete Platform

Quick Workflow

Flexible Pricing

Pricing that works for solo freelancers and big teams alike. Only pay for what you use.

Your Team

Price per team member.

  • Manage client projects
  • View and edit sites, blogs
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Price per client project.

  • Contains 1 published site
  • Unlimited drafts
  • Multiple clients per project
  • Blog, Analytics, Email Lists
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Pricing Example

If you have 3 team members and 20 clients, you'll pay 3 x $29 for your team and 20 x $10 for your client projects. In total, you'll pay $287/mo.

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