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Custom Forms Update

Published by Joao Squillace on
Umso is built on the concept that powerful tools don't need to be overly complicated. We are constantly thinking on how we can build the simplest feature that can deliver the most value to our customers.One of the most used Umso features is custom forms, which we released about... Read More

Landen is now Umso!

Published by Felix Gurtler on
Same people, same company, same product, new name!We’re excited to announce that as of November 2020, we’re rebranding!  Part of rebranding for us will be changing the name of our product and company from Landen to Umso. Our vision hasn’t changed  and we're stil... Read More

Tool recommendations for technical founders

Published by Felix Gurtler on
These are the tools I use to develop Landen. That includes front-end dev, back-end dev, database management, product design and everything else. You don't need much these days to develop software. I use the cheapest MacBook Pro and a lot of free or relatively cheap software, but it could all... Read More

Analytics Update

Published by Felix Gurtler on
For a while now the Landen dashboard has included some basic visitor analytics like page views and unique visitors. Of course your website should also have a good conversion rate, that's why conversions are now being tracked by Landen as well. Along with the new conversion trac... Read More

Bootstrapping to Ramen Profitability in a Year

Published by Felix Gurtler on
One year ago I launched Landen on ProductHunt. Since then it has slowly become profitable enough to cover my living expenses. I'm sharing the relatively unspectacular story to provide you a glimpse behind the scenes and to hopefully inspire other entrepreneurs. Before the idea... Read More
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