Build Powerful Forms
Without Code

Collect any kind of data and review it in your Umso dashboard or forward it via email or Webhooks.

Flexible Design

Add the same form in different sites or pages, and freely design each one of them. Add background colors, play with the spacing, font size, and more.

Spam Prevention

Prevent bots and malicious agents to spam your inbox and form responses.

Privacy first. We don't collect customer's data

Integrate with Zapier & Webhooks

Integrate with thousands of apps by using our zapier integration. You can also integrate with custom webbooks.

Manage Responses

View, delete and export responses from your form responses dashboard.

Download uploaded files directly from the dashboard

Connect with Customers

Gather feedback, collect information and make better decisions

Upload Files

Allow your customers to upload files when submitting a response.

Receive Email Notifications

Add as many email addresses as you want and receive responses directly in your email inbox.

Save Responses

You can save all responses to our database, and easily see and manage them in the form response dashboard.

Ready to try them out?

Check it out our live examples here

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