Forget about templates

There's no need for templates at Umso because each new website is created individually. You answer a few questions about your product and voìla, you get a customized website to jump-start your workflow.

First things first.

You can create a full website, a single landing page for a campaign, or a specialized page for idea validation. Once you've created our site, you can always add more pages to it.

Full Site

A homepage is the main website for your product or company. Comes with a few standard pages.

Campaign Landing

A single page for your marketing campaign, adapted for typical content patterns.

Idea Validation

Perfect for early idea validation, before you have a finished product. Optimized for email captures.


Your Product.

What happens on your website depends a lot on what you're trying to sell. Let's talk about that.

Currently, Umso generates the best results for digital products, but our customers have created beautiful websites for almost anything.

Mobile Apps
Cross-Platform Apps
Anything else

Art Direction.

Sometimes illustrations look best, sometimes it's device mockups.


These beautiful and abstract design elements help you convey your story in a playful way.


For products with beautiful interfaces, mockups can help you show off.


Refine your Design.

To give you a quick start, you can pick your preferred font type, and color theme.


Once you've created your site you can pick from hundreds of Google Fonts, and style each section to your liking.


The theme gives you a starting point, but you will also be able to edit every color manually.

Your Content.

Pick from typical sections to start off your design. More sections are waiting for you in the editor.

Contact form
Custom code
Testimonials ... and many more.

That's all!

Now you can start editing your site. Or try it for yourself.

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