Instant Global Publishing

Focus on your business instead of website performance and uptime. Publish your site to our global network of 4 origins and 83 Points of Presence in 38 countries.

100% Page Cache Hits

Instead of traditional CDNs, the Umso network distributes your content proactively before it is requested.

Instant Publishing

Click "Publish" in your dashboard and your site will be live across the world in less than 3 seconds.

Automated SSL

Security is important to you and your customers. Get an automatic SSL certificate via Let's Encrypt.

Apex Domain Support

Prefer the non-www version of your domain? Umso uses Anycast IP addresses to route traffic even for root domains.

Automatic Compression

Your content will be compressed with GZIP to serve files faster over slow internet connections.

Super Fast

Our content network is custom-built for one purpose: delivering your content as fast as reliably as possible.

Ready for anything

Get on the frontpages of the internet, or the news.


Umso websites are hosted on AWS infrastructure with high redundancy and automatic failover.


Backed by cloud infrastructure and load balancers, your website will be able to handle any kind of traffic.


Our servers optimize your content for quick delivery and cache static assets to provide blazing fast performance.

AWS Hosted

Our servers are hosted on Amazon Web Services, the leading Cloud provider.

SSL by Let's Encrypt

All websites are secured with a free SSL certificate provided by Let's Encrypt.

CDN Backed

Static assets are served from the fast Content Delivery Network CloudFront.

HTTP/2 Enabled

Our hosting has supported the faster HTTP/2 protocol since inception.

SEO Friendly

Sites are served as search-engine friendly static HTML, CSS, and Javascript files.


Website content is heavily cached for faster response time until it is published again.

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