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Yearly(Get 2 months free)
MonthMonth (Billed Yearly)MonthMonth (Billed Yearly)MonthMonth (Billed Yearly)
SitesHow many sites you can have published at the same time.135
Extra SitesYou can purchase extra sites to increase your limit.$10 / site$10 / site$10 / site
Team MembersInvite as many team members as you like .UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Custom DomainConnected a custom domain like to your site.
Custom CodeUnlock unlimited possibilities by including custom code.
AnalyticsA privacy-friendly alternative to third-party analytics.
BlogsAdd a blog to your site with a few clicks.
Email ListsCollect leads with simple email lists.
Custom FormsBuild your own form for your needs.
Cookie BannerShow a banner to your website visitors.
Site & Page PasswordsProtect your entire site or individual pages with a password.
Multi-Language SupportReach your international audience by easily creating your site in different languages.
Site ExportExport the HTML, CSS and JS of your generated site for maximum flexibility.

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5 / 5

Amazing customer service, the rep went out of their way, was very fair, honest and transparent.

Shahtaj Anwar
5 / 5

The product is an absolute game changer for building adaptable websites that look professional.

Nicky Moorhead
5 / 5

Very reactive and helpful support! I feel I'm in good hands as I learn more about how to use the product.

Luis Arias


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