Analytics Update

Analytics Update

For a while now the Landen dashboard has included some basic visitor analytics like page views and unique visitors. Of course your website should also have a good conversion rate, that's why conversions are now being tracked by Landen as well.

Along with the new conversion tracking, the analytics dashboard has gotten a complete overhaul. Everything that's new is described in more detail below.

Conversion Metrics

The conversion rate of a marketing website is one of the most important, if not the most important metric. If your content gets a lot of attention but visitors don't convert to signups or paying customers, you have a problem. That's why Landen now includes conversion tracking with advanced analytics (available on all paid tiers). The feature automatically tracks contact form submissions, email list signups, Stripe checkout clicks and link clicks.

At the same time it's important to respect the privacy of anyone who visits your website, that's why Landen never saves any PII (Personally Identifiable Information) along with engagement data.

One more great addition to the conversion tracking is the support for custom events. You can include a small, fast and secure tracking script on your online store or web-app website to track events such as signups and purchases. Learn more about custom events.

Page views & Unique visitors

Page views and unique visitors aren't new to the analytics dashboard, but they have been improved, how displaying the total for both counts and a cleaner graph. The numbers are also more accurate with more bots being detected and filtered out.

Now page views and visitors are only counted if the a page has been open for more than one second. Browsers also need to have JavaScript enabled. This will automatically eliminate a lot of bots, but most importantly it helps us get more accurate conversion numbers (which are also tracked with JavaScript).

Acquisition Channels

Instead of just showing all referrers in a list, the most important sources are now split up into: direct, referral, organic and social. Social describes all traffic coming from social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and so on. Organic traffic comes from search engines (Google, DuckDuckGo, Bing, ..). The referral category contains all other traffic that comes from outside websites. When a visitors types your website address into their browser's address bar or visits your website via bookmark, it's counted as direct traffic.

This new acquisition channel grouping should give you a quick overview of your traffic sources. Below it you will still find a list of all referrers. On that list you can now also see all the exact URLs linking to your site when you click on a domain.

Next steps

The rest of the dashboard remained mostly the same as before in this update. Ultimately the geographical data will be displayed on a map in addition to the list. It is also planned to make it possible to filter data by event, referrer, acquisition channel or geography.

To stay in the loop about new updates, you can subscribe to product updates via the product changelog.

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