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Landen is now Umso!

Same people, same company, same product, new name!

We’re excited to announce that as of November 2020, we’re rebranding!  Part of rebranding for us will be changing the name of our product and company from Landen to Umso. Our vision hasn’t changed  and we're still on the same mission to build the best website builder for entrepreneurs.

The new name doesn't really mean anything, and we won't pretend otherwise. It's a short and sweet imaginary word. We've spent a lot of time trying to come up with a new name and had a lot of different ideas going in different  directions. In the end, we had 56 candidates with affordable .com domains, some of which we're embarrassed to even say out loud now.

You may wonder why we’ve changed our name. Some of you really liked the old one. However, we felt that it created a preconceived idea of our product that didn't align with our vision of a well rounded website builder solution. The name Landen makes many people think of "landing pages". That means different things to different people, but it roughly translates to single-page websites at the end of a marketing funnel.

What we have been building over the last two years initially started as a landing page builder. Fortunately, it has evolved into so much more. Our goal is to build the best possible website builder for entrepreneurs and startups, because we want you to succeed. Our new name frees us from the limited idea of what our product does.


Why do you say "we"? For a long time, Landen was a company of one while I bootstrapped it to a point where it would cover my living expenses. In May 2020 , the I became a we when I hired our first employee, Simon. In August, our team grew by another great mind, João. And now we’re a team of three!

Did you raise any money? No, we are completely funded by our amazing customers. Thank you  to all of you for trusting us and for being awesome customers.

Can I keep my subdomain? Yes! We’re not forcing anyone to change their free subdomains. If you currently have an subdomain, then you can keep it, However,  all new websites will get a subdomain. Whenever you're ready you can switch your subdomain to a subdomain in your dashboard (for free of course).

What about product updates? Glad you asked! The name change was just a little side project for us. We’ve spent most of our  time improving the product itself. You might not have seen much of our efforts lately, but that will change soon. Keep an eye out on our changelog!

Anything else? Just email us at and we'll answer your questions!

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