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One price, All Features. The simplest pricing in the industry.

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Why did we change our pricing?

Glad you asked! After several team meetings and an in-depth analysis or two, we've realized our old pricing wasn't great. So we're changing it.

The industry's leading model of "the more features you want, the more you'll have to pay" is admittedly limiting, and startups often find themselves constricted within the bounds of heavily tiered plans, where your business' growth becomes conditioned to how much you can pay to keep growing.

But it's hard to grow if you haven't got the right tools, isn't it?

Even the more "affordable" options include odd categories like "seat-based-pricing" (AKA team members, a variable that will inevitably change as you grow), and important storage limits. Talk about a set-up.

Running—let alone starting—a business has only gotten more expensive, and these tier-based models are the easiest, least questioned way to turn a profit for the organizations offering them. At the end of the day (and the fiscal year), most of these companies have investors to respond to, and face consistent pressure to show incremental growth.

Fortunately, it doesn't work that way with us. At Umso we aim to remain a sustainable business (for you, and for ourselves, of course) and continue improving to reach even more people. We've got no investors to share returns with, and no boardroom of executives awaiting quarterly results.

Which is why this pricing change has been a lot simpler to take from an idea to a reality. It's a decision made to benefit all of our important "stakeholders". That means you, our user; and us, the small, bootstrapped team behind Umso.

Nice sentiment! Now, how did pricing change, exactly?

We like things simple and transparent, and this pricing redesign keeps those values at heart. From now on, there are two plans you can work with: Free, and Paid. And everyone loves free stuff, so let's start with that one.

What do Free sites get? Pretty much everything!

While custom domains and badge removal options are still only available on the paid tier, essentially every other feature can be found in the free model.

Really, all of them.

  • Multilingual pages
  • Mailing lists
  • Customized code
  • Analytics dashboards
  • Password protection
  • Cookie banners
  • Custom forms
  • Blogs (like this one!)

The tools your website needs to grow, at no cost. Of course, you get unlimited team members for your sites, and you are free to create as many pages as you need, which comes in handy as your business evolves from a landing page to a fully-featured site.

When you are ready to take it even further (that is, adding your custom domain and removing our "Made with Umso" badge) switching to a paid plan is a breeze.

What's on the Pro plan? Everything.

Our former pricing tiers have been compacted into a single one (goodbye “basic”, “startup”, and “business” plans, and thank you for your service), where you can find all of the Umso features for a lean $25/month—or $20/month, if you go for the yearly subscription.

As we mentioned above, on top of all features, the paid plan also includes the ability to add custom domains, and allows you to remove the “made with umso” badge from your pages.

The paid tier is great for businesses ready to make their brand shine on their website, and if you are coming from a free plan, there is nothing new to learn, just the features you already know and love, now with your name all over it.

What to expect from Umso, and this pricing change:

We’ve been through several price changes over the years—with varying degrees of success—and learned from each of those iterations, searching for a formula that rightfully balances “value for the money” and business sustainability.

Although this pricing change isn’t the biggest one in terms of money (it’s certainly not an “overnight millionaire” plan, and we’re fans of modest success), it’s impactful where it matters, giving more value to our current and future users.

And now, this is the part where I kindly invite you to try Umso out (if you haven’t already). Go ahead, it’s—literally—free!

P.S. If you are currently on a paid plan and wondering what these changes mean to you, there should be a mint email in your inbox with all the details. You can also review our Canny entry on the topic here.

P.S.S. You can always reach us with questions about the new pricing (or anything else Umso!) at This should be a smooth transition for all users, and we are here to help.

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